Empowering Women: I’m a Fan of Nerdy Girls

Shay, our blog coordinator, asked the writers of the NG blog to write about being a fan. A fan of anything, basically write about what you love and can’t wait to tell people about or something you just will not shut up about. ‘That’s a great idea Shay!’, I said […]

Om-ing out of the Office Chair Blues: I’m a Fan of YogoGlo

First and foremost, I’m a fan of yoga. I have a desk job. I am at my computer eight hours a day at the very least. About eight years ago, I started to suffer from symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. When I mentioned this to my supervisor, he said, “I […]

Coding and Exploding: I’m a Fan of Kendall

Have you met Kendall? If not, it’s a shame, because she’s about to leave Oklahoma City to move to Tulsa. As such, she will be joining the likes of Nerdy Girls Tulsa. Alas, our loss, their gain. As we say “see you later!” but not goodbye, Ofi, Amanda, and Shay […]

All the Way from Themyscira: I’m a Fan of Wonder Woman

Here is a (loose) interpretation of my most recent email from our Lady and Mistress, Shay: “Your mission, should you choose to accept it (not that doing otherwise is an option, but whatevs) is to write a blog post adhering to the following theme: Being a fan.  Write about a […]