Feminist Nerdy Girl Maya Angelou

Some months, I am not quite sure which of the amazing women to feature because there are so many that are great role models. This time, it was a no-brainer. I was in high school when I was first introduced to Maya Angelou. My high school English teacher had gotten […]

Feminist Nerdy Girl Juliette Gordon Low

Other than my mother, one of the most important feminist influences on my life was the Girl Scouts. I work with a Girl Scout Troop Leader, who has a bumper sticker on her truck that says “Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout.” I grew up as a Girl […]

Environmentalist Nerdy Girl: Rachel Carson

  Since it’s Earth Day, I thought I’d talk about one of our Nerdy Girl role models who has made a difference for the earth! Rachel Carson was born in 1907 in Pennsylvania. She was a marine biologist, an author, and an ecologist. After receiving both her Bachelor’s and her […]