Guess what? We are changing the format of our Code Club. If you’ve ever been to one of our Code Club events, then you know that these meetups are awesome for sharing your projects and networking with other women in tech. That part isn’t changing! But if you are new […]

Code&&Friends: Hands-On Intro to Source Control

we have a central code repository for our source control. that repo feeds into the demo/test servers (where we experiment) and the production servers (which are live and client-facing). devs pull down from the central repo to code, make fixes, and to get the latest code.

Hello Code friends! We’re talking about version control, what it is and why it matters, then we’re going to set up and CODE! You’ll get some great experience by following along. Source Control management is a real skills that every dev benefits from!If you’ve made it out to Code Club in […]

Code&&Friends: Code Editors and Where to Begin

Are you eager to start coding but unsure of ‘where’ to do it? Then it’s time you learned about Text Editors and IDEs! What is a Text Editor? A Text Editor is an application that we use to write code. Most Text Editors are straightforward applications, like NotePad++ and Vim, some […]