How to Join

Step 1: Visit our meetup page and click “Join us!”

Step 2: Fill out your Nerdy Girls profile on Meetup and submit your request to join.

Step 3: While you are waiting for your approval, visit our facebook group and start getting to know the other members.  The facebook group is also an excellent place to post questions or suggest new events.

Step 4: After you have received your meetup approval/welcome email (usually takes less than 24 hours), you can RSVP to our events.  Check out our calendar to see what great events are coming up in your area.  Please feel welcome to attend any event with spaces open and don’t worry about being new. After 90 days, Meetup will notify you for your annual dues of $6. This is paid once per year. Note that you will be able to attend events to see how you like the group before having to pay dues!

(optional) Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!

Welcome to Nerdy Girls!