Feminist Nerdy Girl Maya Angelou

Some months, I am not quite sure which of the amazing women to feature because there are so many that are great role models. This time, it was a no-brainer. I was in high school when I was first introduced to Maya Angelou. My high school English teacher had gotten […]

Guest Post: 6 Lies Society Tells Men and Women

I enjoy Jenna Marble’s videos Things Boys Don’t Understand, but they do gender stereotype men. (And we all know how I hate gender stereotypes). The things I think “boys” don’t understand is less about the sex of the person, but more a social awareness issue. And a lot of these […]

Things I Learned from Cephalopod Week

Did you know this week is Cephalopod Week? Me neither. That is, until the wonderful world that is Twitter let me know of this glorious occasion. In the spirit of the much-adored Shark Week, Science Friday declared this week to be the one to celebrate all things tentacled. According to […]

DIY Outdoor Occasion Table

The Nerdy Girls are no strangers to the Home Depot Do-it-herself events. This month we built a super cute outdoor occasion table. The cost of materials amounts to about $35-50 depending the quality of the materials you buy. If you do not have power tools, it will be much more. […]

Code&&Friends: Hands-On Intro to Source Control

we have a central code repository for our source control. that repo feeds into the demo/test servers (where we experiment) and the production servers (which are live and client-facing). devs pull down from the central repo to code, make fixes, and to get the latest code.

Hello Code friends! We’re talking about version control, what it is and why it matters, then we’re going to set up and CODE! You’ll get some great experience by following along. Source Control management is a real skills that every dev benefits from!If you’ve made it out to Code Club in […]

Nerdy Careers: How to be a Librarian

Is there any more of a perfect career for a nerdy girl than a librarian? Some people will tell you it’s all about the books, rimmed glasses, cat ladies, more books, shushing, e-books are the end of the world as we know it, and that all it takes to be […]

Feminist Nerdy Girl Juliette Gordon Low

Other than my mother, one of the most important feminist influences on my life was the Girl Scouts. I work with a Girl Scout Troop Leader, who has a bumper sticker on her truck that says “Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout.” I grew up as a Girl […]

2014 OWFI Conference Wrap Up

At the beginning of every May, Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Inc. organizes a conference open to any and all writers. There are sessions on writing—defining your narrative voice, how to construct a mystery, the finer points of military science fiction—as well as sessions on self-publishing, marketing, and creating an author platform […]

Leaving Las Vegas for Red Rock Canyon

In the Mojave Desert, there exists a slice of heaven: the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. This conservation area is just a scant 30 minutes outside of Vegas, so it’s perfect for those who need a break from the ringing and whirring of the casinos, buffets, and crowded sidewalks of […]

So Much For Fairy Godmothers

No one knows I keep a picture of the witch that cursed me. I cut it from Mom’s yearbook when I was ten, after getting a long, weepy lecture about inner beauty. Like I don’t know that’s just something mothers say to their kids. Inner beauty means exactly nada to […]

Code&&Friends: Code Editors and Where to Begin

Are you eager to start coding but unsure of ‘where’ to do it? Then it’s time you learned about Text Editors and IDEs! What is a Text Editor? A Text Editor is an application that we use to write code. Most Text Editors are straightforward applications, like NotePad++ and Vim, some […]

Environmentalist Nerdy Girl: Rachel Carson

  Since it’s Earth Day, I thought I’d talk about one of our Nerdy Girl role models who has made a difference for the earth! Rachel Carson was born in 1907 in Pennsylvania. She was a marine biologist, an author, and an ecologist. After receiving both her Bachelor’s and her […]