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Guess what? We are changing the format of our Code Club.

If you’ve ever been to one of our Code Club events, then you know that these meetups are awesome for sharing your projects and networking with other women in tech. That part isn’t changing!

But if you are new to coding and have no projects to show off yet, we are here to guide you with monthly code project challenges! For every challenge you finish successfully, you receive a NG token stating how many you’ve accomplished. There will be three levels:

  • Level 1: Code Cadet (3 projects)
  • Level 2: Code Commander (3 projects)
  • Level 3: Code Captain (4 projects)

Amanda and I asked ourselves, “How do we build a tight-knit community of women, interested in tech?” The choice was clear: lightning talks!

Lightning Talks are an incredibly popular meeting format in other tech groups, like okcjs ( These talks are quick 5 minute presentations on your choice of a coding-related topic! It’s an excellent way to build confidence and to learn subjects more thoroughly by teaching.

Many of us feel more connected to our tech community by seeing friends expand their skills and technical knowledge as we cheer them on during their first, or fifth talk. Our code cadets deserve the same experiences that big tech meetups gain by learning through teaching!

Each month 2 code-club cadet volunteers will prepare a 5 minute talk on something they’ve coded, a blog post they loved, or sharing a lesson on their experiences as a techie.

We are all learning together in this awesome coding journey. Our Code Club members all have something to share, no matter how small or beginner they may feel. We can’t wait to learn and teach with our code club friends.

If you are Code Curious but haven’t joined our squad of super nice ladies in tech, we hope that we’ll see you soon and nerd out together!


<3, Amanda && Ofi

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  1. Thanks Ofie. I like the new approach. I still have coding at the top of my list–just waiting on the time! See you around.

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