Empowering Women: I’m a Fan of Nerdy Girls

hugShay, our blog coordinator, asked the writers of the NG blog to write about being a fan. A fan of anything, basically write about what you love and can’t wait to tell people about or something you just will not shut up about. ‘That’s a great idea Shay!’, I said to her. Then I sat in front of my laptop, dumbfounded. I had a really difficult time figuring out what I’m fan of. I tried to think of shows that I really enjoy or hobbies I can’t live without but came up with nothing worth writing about. I started to think that I must be super boring. I quickly shook that thought out, and tried to think of what consumes my day, what do I think about on my downtime? I spend some time thinking about my finances, but that’s pretty boring and I quickly move on to my next thought.

Then it hit me. Duh. Nerdy Girls. Nerdy Girls is in the back of my mind or the forefront of my mind, day in and day out. I don’t know that I can properly explain how Nerdy Girls has changed me, I don’t think, that how I feel about this group of ladies can be adequately expressed in words. If I knew interpretive dance…maybe that would do it justice, but in words? Nope. I’ll try it out anyway.

I know it’s probably pretty lame to write about how much I love the Nerdy Girls on the Nerdy Girls Blog but, oh well! I promise this is not a cop-out, I genuinely feel this way. Whenever I meet someone new, I tell them about Nerdy Girls. Whenever I walk into a place that offers classes or I see the opportunity for classes I tell them about Nerdy Girls. My coworkers get sick of me talking about how awesome the Nerdy Girls are. I can’t help it! I’m totally obsessed. I wish I could quit my job and do NG stuff all the time! Lol. I’m fully aware, of the level of crazy I’m showing right now.

Like a lot of women in this group, I was an outcast most of my life, making friends was terribly hard and made me very anxious. As an adult, I kinda had a better handle on it but I was unsuccessful in making friends outside of work or school. It seemed like to me that I could only make friends when they were forced to be in the same room with me for hours out of the day, but once that bell rang or we clocked out, they were gone. When I moved to Oklahoma City two years ago, I was miserable, I didn’t know a soul. So, I Googled, ‘How to make friends in a new city’, Meetup popped up, I joined Nerdy Girls and I never looked back. Everything changed. I’m more confident, I don’t spend my free time in front of the television, I’m reading more, I’m teaching myself how to code and I’m learning so much! Nerdy Girls, for me at least, has taught me about being a friend, stepping out of your comfort zone and letting people in and it’s taught me about leadership and how much I have still have to learn.

I’ve met some of the most intelligent, creative, talented and just down-right warmhearted women in this group. Nerdy Girls is not just for your twenty-something girls, it’s also for your retired female engineers, moms working at start-ups, or women far from home hoping to start something new for their family. It’s for the ‘new in town and I don’t know anybody in this city…oh my god, why did I leave home?!’ girls.

It’s also an opportunity for us to learn from our wiser and more experienced female nerds. It’s a group that learns together, laughs together, and grows as individuals. Nerdy Girls is an opportunity for you to meet your lifetime friends. I can’t wait to see our organization grow to reach out to more girls in need of a friend or just a little guidance. So, I guess I’m a fan of all of our members. Don’t even get me started on our blog writers, board members and organizers. I’m their #1 fan. Without their volunteerism, none of this would be sustainable.

Love always,



2 thoughts on “Empowering Women: I’m a Fan of Nerdy Girls

  1. Ofi, thank you for writing about your enthusiasm for Nerdy Girls and how the group lifts you up and gives you reward and pleasure. I remember you as one of the first women I seemed to run into at many of the events I joined. Your kind acceptance and enthusiasm makes it hard to believe you ever felt socially clumsy. I’m glad you found the group. I’m also glad I found it–as one of the older women, I learn much from observing and being around you. All this to say, Nerdy Girls is a terrific group and you are a smart
    and lovely person. I’m glad I met you!

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