Om-ing out of the Office Chair Blues: I’m a Fan of YogoGlo

Woman stretching in front of laptop.

First and foremost, I’m a fan of yoga. I have a desk job. I am at my computer eight hours a day at the very least. About eight years ago, I started to suffer from symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. When I mentioned this to my supervisor, he said, “I once had similar problems in my shoulders and wrists, but ever since I started yoga, I haven’t had any problems.” With this glowing endorsement, I had to try it, and I’ve been hooked since then.

Yoga has not completely eliminated my carpal tunnel symptoms, but it may be keeping deeper problems at bay. Scientists have been studying the benefits of yoga for years now. Studies have ranged from the effectiveness of using chair yoga to treat patients with Alzheimers disease to the use of yoga for improving the psychological well-being of industrial workers in high-stress environments. From these studies, it appears that yoga provides a range of emotional and physical benefits. Yoga Journal came up with 38 ways that yoga improves your health, and I’m sure this is just a start.

I do attend yoga classes locally when I can. I highly recommend an in-person class, especially if you are new to yoga. The benefits include having a yoga instructor present to provide feedback and adjust your positioning so that you develop good habits early on, the opportunity to become a part of a positive community (some of my best friends are women I met in my yoga classes), and access to a range of equipment to help you on your yoga journey.


However, makes for a great supplement to your yoga practice. Let me count the ways:

  1. Convenience – offers streaming yoga classes, allowing you to practice wherever you have an internet connection and at any time of day. I do most of my YogaGlo practice at home, but I travel fairly often for work and sometimes enjoy streaming YogaGlo classes in my hotel room. YogaGlo also allows you to browse classes by duration, a feature that is especially convenient when you only have 10 or 20 minutes free for a class.
  2. Price – Local yoga classes tend to cost in the range of $5-$15 per session. YogaGlo is $18/month for unlimited classes making it an affordable yoga option.
  3. Range of options to match your preferences – Not only does YogaGlo provide many different options for the style of yoga on offer, from meditation to work-up-a-sweat Vinyasa Flow to healing Restorative yoga, the site alsos provide a range of levels (beginner to advanced) and a range of environment styles. In some of the classes it is just you and the instructor; in others, you are a virtual member of a class the yogi is instructing (this can be a comfort – not everyone is as flexible as the yoga instructors!). Some instructors play music in the background, others do not. Whatever your preference, YogaGlo can meet it.
  4. Quality instructors – Most of the instructors at YogaGlo are at the top of their field and well-known beyond this website. I often see the instructors’ names attached to high-profile yoga workshops throughout the country. Here is one of my favorite YogaGlo instructors, just to give you a taste of the quality at hand. Dice’s strength and acrobatics are beautiful to watch (I think I do more watching than doing in his classes!):

  5. Focused practice – YogaGlo provides a variety of classes allowing you to work on some quality or aspect in particular, whether it be working to release tightness in a particular part of your body or improving your yoga practice by focusing on a specific area (such as learning how to do handstands). The focused classes allow you to grow where you want to grow.

Try YogaGlo to see where yoga can take you with its myriad benefits!

Autumn is a member of Nerdy Girls OKC and a software associate product manager with interests in reading, publishing, business, and technology. She also likes to play Settles of Catan. Follow Autumn on Twitter @autumnc