Coding and Exploding: I’m a Fan of Kendall

Have you met Kendall? If not, it’s a shame, because she’s about to leave Oklahoma City to move to Tulsa. As such, she will be joining the likes of Nerdy Girls Tulsa. Alas, our loss, their gain. As we say “see you later!” but not goodbye, Ofi, Amanda, and Shay have compiled their reasons why they’re a fan of Kendall.

  1. She ran Code Club like a baller

    S: Ok, maybe not quite like a baller. But our chapter’s code club has sustained for so long because Kendall kept it going and kept people interested. I haven’t even been to Code Club, and I know she’s been awesome running it.

    A: No, it was totally like a baller. She arrived early each time. i can teach but arriving on time is another matter, lol. she’s the main reason i kept going to code club. no matter how late i showed up she was always so pleased to have me there. suddenly it didn’t feel like a social commitment but time with friends and a chance to empower women in tech.

    O: Total baller status. Code Club was SUPER intimidating for me, but Kendall always made me feel at ease and made sure I wasn’t left behind on the little lessons we did. I never felt like I didn’t belong there. Even though it was obvious to me that I didn’t belong there, lol. I’ve learned a lot from Kendall, and not just in Code Club.

  2. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion

    S: As a blunt and outspoken person myself, I appreciate people who speak their minds. Sure, this meant that Kendall and I butted heads on occasion. Sometimes people conflate arguing with dislike, but really, Kendall and I just have a lot of opinions that wound up on opposite ends of the spectrum sometimes (ok, a lot of times, LOL). I would get frustrated when we couldn’t see eye to eye, but I’ve realized that this is what I like about Kendall! Combined with her outspoken nature, her perspective has challenged me to look at things a different way than my own. (A: +++++ yes, so admirable.)

    A: She’s pro-treating-lgbt-ppl-like-ppl, super chill about religion, and is just a morally good person, reasonable, confident, and a team-builder.

    O: This is probably my favorite thing about Kendall. I’ve taken the back seat to a lot of people simply because I lacked confidence. I admire the way Kendall just puts her thoughts and concerns out there on the table. What inspired me to do the same was the way people respond to her, not with disgust or eye rolling but with consideration and respect.

  3. She wants awesome things for Nerdy Girls

    S: Did you know Kendall is working on starting up Nerdy Girls Junior? Essentially, it will be outreach to middle and high school girls promoting STEM careers. Kendall’s an engineer who gets to make models of blowing things up (hence the exploding in the title!), so she’s a natural to show girls that STEM isn’t scary.

    O: She works so hard for Nerdy Girls. The background stuff a lot of people don’t see, (business paperwork, policies, bylaws, etc.) she works on it, people. Never complains about it, at least not to my face…Grrr, Tulsa *stink eye*…jk love ya NG Tulsa!

    S: Yeah, if you need someone to get the paperwork done, Kendall’s got your back. Especially ours when we finally filed for non-profit status for Nerdy Girls this summer!

  4. She’s humble

    A: She deserved to hear that she was doing a good job. Fortunately a timely coincidence arose: she had a school project requiring 3 stories about Kendall when others saw her at her best. (After reading this she emailed me saying it actually made her cry!) Here’s what i wrote for her: From a friend: You are great at kindly teaching others through leadership and support. For example, I think of the time that you presented on WordPress at the Nerdy Girls Coding Club. We had been trying hard to keep the group interesting and you had been brave enough to step up to the plate to teach others about buying domain names, FTPs, and CMS’. With a calm and sincere approach, you answered questions, helped girls set up their own server, and inspired us to work on a project just for ourselves. Your ease at answering questions made members feel like they were learning, without ever feeling dumb or stupid (which is an incredible feat). By organizing the meetup and giving positive feedback and clear leadership, you help weave a tighter knit tech community for the women of Oklahoma. You’re the backbone of the group and helped show others that it’s possible to be smart, to have hobbies, and to try new things.

    O: She appreciates any compliments given graciously but does not seek them out. Anything she starts, she starts simply because she feels strongly about it. Whether it’s helping Nerdy Girls or helping a friend, you know you have a sincere person by your side.

    S: Kendall is not an active seeker of attention. She once punched me (in the arm and lovingly, I’m sure ;p) for telling the guys at trivia that it was her birthday!

  5. She’s done a lot for others outside of NG, like helping the Prototek Maker Space and cofounding & running the Python Group.

    A: Btw y’all she cofounded a tech usergroup that meets about the Python programming language. she shouldered SO much of the python group but didn’t complain. she’s a natural leader, unafraid to give positive advice and to recognize others’ hard work.

    S: And she does stuff for the children! She is a youth leader at her church. From what she described to me, her church is fairly liberal and they get a lot of teenagers who are agnostic or atheist and are only there at church because of duh, parents. Rather than condemn them like most churchy people would, Kendall engages with them about their beliefs. And here in Oklahoma? That’s Awesome.

    O: She’s all about community. Plain and simple. Tulsa is lucky to have her.

See you later, Kendall!

Keep up with Kendall’s adventures at @kendallcorner. She promises to still be around!

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