How to Celebrate Earth Day!


  1. Plant some trees or wild flowers- Make sure you plant native plants — don’t be coaxed into buying the really pretty and wildly invasive plants. Your tree will help prevent soil erosion in your yard and create a habitat for lots of friendly critters. Your flowers will attract pollinators and birds! Here’s a good link to look at when you are deciding on what plant you should plant in your yard: Recommended Native Plants – Oklahoma
  2. Make a bird house- Bringing native birds to your yard is wonderful for your little backyard ecosystem. The birds you attract will help get rid of some of those pesky bugs, assist with pollination, and help out with weed-eating (birds love weed seeds- way better then spraying your yard!)
  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle- This one is super important and should be practiced often. Did you know you should actually practice this in the order it states? Reduce first, minimize the use of overly packaged goods, reuse what you couldn’t reduce as much as you can and lastly what you can’t reduce or reuse, you recycle 🙂 Here’s a fun way you can reuse an ancient piece of computer hardware: Make a Starship Enterprise out of a Floppy Disk
  4. Clean up litter around your neighborhood- This will make your neighborhood look great! Cleaning up litter also prevents your local wildlife from choking on a piece of plastic or birds from feeding their babies cigarette butts or dried up gum that look like bread.
  5. Fix leaky pipes- Got a leaky pipe? Well a leaky faucet could potentially use 1,300 thousand gallons a year! If it’s coming from a hot water source, then you are using up valuable fossil fuels and water!
  6. Walk or bike to work- If you are lucky enough to live close to work, why not walk or bike to work at least once a week?
  7. Change your bulbs and remember to switch your lights out- My stepfather would throw a fit if he saw a light on with no one in that room. Mostly because he is very frugal and had six teenagers to feed, so every penny counted. So as an adult I am constantly turning lights off. It’s great on your energy bill, and you’re doing your part to reduce energy usage.

There’s plenty more to do for Earth Day! This is just a start list, I encourage you to add your own tip to the list in the comments below. And…..


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