New Member Night 2.0

On the eve of February 22nd, new members convened at DC on Film Row (better known as the law firm Dunlap Codding!) for a meet and great with fellow newbies, seasoned nerds, and organizers. Too often, the organizers hear that many of our new nerds are intimidated and nervous about their very first event, so we decided what better way to assuage that fear than an event dedicated entirely to welcoming our newbies? We had a New Member Night back in August 2013, and with the influx of new folks, it was definitely time for another one! This New Member Night was our highest attended event as many nerdy girls came and went throughout the evening, and we could not be more delighted to welcome them to the group. Now that everyone has been properly welcomed, we hope to see these new faces at future events.

Thanks so much, DC, for letting the nerds take over your space!